Bill Hicks: Slight Return

Chas. Early and Richard Hurst present a new play about legendary stand-up comedian Bill Hicks, who died in 1994. It is directed by Richard Hurst and stars Chas. Early as Bill.

The play has no connection with Bill Hicks' family or his estate.

The play was first performed at the Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh, in August 2004, where it won a Hairline Highlight Award. To see their review, and others, click here. Since then it has toured extensively, including the main house at the Royal Exchange, Manchester; Soho Theatre; The Venue, Leicester Square; The Arts Theatre; the Apollo, Shaftesbury Avenue; the Adelaide Fringe and the Melbourne Comedy Festival in the spring of 2008.

We currently have no plans to tour it further.

For press information and photos, please contact our producer, James Seabright, or please visit Bill Hicks: Slight Return website.


Show credits:

Bill Hicks: Chas. Early

Director: Richard Hurst

Voice coach: Mary Howland

Photo: Ian Cole



All at the Pleasance Theatre, especially Ollie, John, Rhiannon, Neil and the box office staff. Thanks also to everyone who gave us feedback during the development of the show - especially Dan, Tom, Phil, Matt, Simon, Jo, Alys, Caroline Q, Marcus, Jenny, Caroline C, and everyone else who operated shows or ran venues in which we played. Thanks too to Tom Lishman and Tom Davies for sound support, and to Kerryn Mason for technical operation.